Thomas H. Sullivan

Attorney at Law

At Sullivan Estate Law, we believe in a team approach to estate planning. We welcome your other financial advisors into the planning process whether they are financial planners, accountants, or insurance agents. Your long term needs can best be served if all of your advisors participate in a comprehensive planning process so that all the people you rely on for assistance and advice are working together for the same common goal.

Most of our planning is done on a flat fee basis. There is no charge for an initial consultation. During that initial consultation you can get to know us and determine whether we are the right firm to work with you on your estate planning needs. We can begin to explore your goals at the conclusion of that meeting. We can make recommendations for the best tools and strategies to accomplish your goals and the cost of implementing those plans. You will know the full cost before you commit to anything.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. For more information about estate planning, please review the information on the Estate Planning Learning Center page. Our website also has our personal information questionnaire and asset information questionnaire in PDF format, which may be completed and returned to us on the Download Forms page. Having this information provides preliminary information about you, your circumstances, and your objectives, so that we can best serve you.

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